Robust Background in Design and Consulting for Commercial, Industrial, Government and Residential


As an engineering consulting firm, we can give perfect direction to build up your project from master planning and initial site identification through startup and commissioning. We offer a wide range of services.

Electrical and Solar Design

  • Power System Study
  • Photovoltaic System Design
  • Medium and Low voltage distribution

When it comes to the design phase, HMS Consulting Services Inc provides the most accurate and sophisticated solution. Starting from the process of planning, drawing to the construction of the project, we provide the most precise calculation in design so that it mets the maximum efficiency with the best budgeting.

Our electrical team has explicit design experience which includes medium & low voltage system distribution, protective relaying, sizing of different electrical components (i.e. conductor/conduit sizing, generator sizing), accurate calculation, drafting, preparation of electrical construction drawings, schematics, wiring diagrams, single line diagrams, power plans, power system modeling, grounding calculation, energy storage solutions, lighting plans, site plans, panel schedules, switchgear/switchboard/motor control center designs, solar panel designs, generator replacements, electrical power studies such as short circuit analysis, load flow studies, arc Flash evaluation, protective device coordination, etc.


HVAC services include drafting, design, 3D modeling, heating & cooling design. We provide a complete solution to control the temperature and humidity. Our HVAC systems design includes the highest efficiency rate which complies with the building code.

Our HVAC team is highly proficient in mechanical design, drafting, detailing, 3D Revit modeling, AutoCAD designs, schematic, elevation, riser diagrams, heating/cooling system design, etc. Our team will provide a precise calculation for heat loss/gain so that the perfect heating/cooling equipment is selected.

Plumbing Design

A good plumbing system is required to optimize the energy resource and water usage. An efficient plumbing system design should have short runs between the plumbing fixtures and uses state-of-the-art materials. The major two systems include in a plumbing design are the water supply system and waste water removal system. A plumbing configuration should be such that it advances the proficiency of the plumbing system and lessens unnecessary costs.
Our team is quite familiar with plumbing codes that prohibit adding an unnecessary number of fixtures. Choosing the right size and the right pipes is an important part of the design. Our professional design is code compliant.

Other Services

  • Arc Flash Risk Assessment
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Load Flow Study
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Feasibility Study
  • Solar Energy Modeling
  • Fire Protection
  • Lighting Design
  • Emergency Generator Design (Gasoline/Natural Gas)
  • Electrical Riser Design
  • Electrical Load Letter
  • Panel Scheduling
  • Arc Fault Current Calculation
  • Wire Sizing
  • OCPD Sizing
  • Photometric Analysis
  • Emergency Lighting Design
  • Lighting calculation

Our profound group of knowledgeable specialists, our unparalleled experience working with the project, and our personal stake in your prosperity meet up to make the perfect conditions for a task that will convey a cutting edge, best-in-class office that will surpass your expectations. We have in-plant expertise furnishing our clients to their project needs and budgets.

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